Why thirty one purses? One for every day of the month of course!

Bags have been a necessity for women since the beginning of time. The first humans used bags to carry nuts and fruits back to their homes. These bags were often made of cloth and leather and decorated with beads and dyed quills. Fashion seemed to be important to women even back then.

Some early Native American women wore what was called a bandolier bag. These were worn as decorative accouterments on dress occasions. This is similar to the glamorous clutches we now wear that were bought to perfectly match our shoes on our evenings out.

A purse seems to be the one thing to never leave a women's side. We use them to hold makeup, valuables, even those things we deem valuable until our bags become so stuffed we are forced to part with them. So why do we do this? Why are purses so vital to women? Besides the fact that there are so many adorable ones, the need to carry something to hold goods is deeply rooted in our history and genetic makeup.

Women by design are nurturers. When you need a nail file or a tissue, who do you ask? Your closest female companion. It is the woman who has always gotten people organized and make sure everyone has whatever they need. Females take care of offspring, an naturally, all of those around them. And since it has become a women's instinct to do this and carry a bag to help us, we might as well choose the cutest purse we can find to help us get the job done!